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Mercedes Benz C-Class: the golden mean of sportiness and solidity

The E-Class stands for solidity as well as timeless and noble design. The Mercedes A-Class embodies more youthful dynamism and sportiness. And what makes the C-Class stand out?

We believe it has a bit of everything and thus forms the golden mean in the Mercedes Benz product portfolio. The C-Class can therefore satisfy many different tastes and is probably one of the best-selling cars in Germany. In the meantime, the successful model is being built in its fourth generation under this model designation W205. Unlike the previous generation, the W204, this model is not only available as a saloon, estate and coupé, but also as a convertible. This means that Daimler’s current C-Class covers numerous different body variants, of which the saloon and the estate, known as the Estate, are particularly popular. All types and model generations have their high quality and dignified appearance in common. Due to the low weight of the vehicle, you can also drive a C-Class in a sporty manner. With high-quality original rims, you can enhance the direct and sporty handling of your C-Class. Due to the lower weight compared to steel rims, you not only increase the possible cornering speeds of your C-Class, but also its comfort.

Original C-Class rims and complete wheels are therefore the perfect accessories for your Mercedes.
Originality: a guarantee for good looks and safety

The design of original Mercedes C-Class rims also reflects the character of the vehicle. You will therefore find both rather simple designs and sporty C Class alloy rims that are sophisticated down to the last detail in our shop. However, all rims are an important factor for your safety, as they make contact with the road.

For this reason, you should not compromise on either the workmanship or the material of the rims and only choose top-quality products. Original alloy wheels for your Mercedes-Benz C-Class meet the highest quality standards and are subjected to numerous stringent tests before they go on sale. This ensures that these rims deliver consistently high handling characteristics and maximum safety in all driving situations. Forged rims are considered to be of very high quality, as they combine particularly low weight with maximum material strength.
Mercedes Benz C-Class Rim Sizes

For the models or series C-Class Mercedes Benz, we have listed the following rim sizes. C-Class Mercedes Benz models or model series, we have the following rim sizes in the Mercedes Shop: 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch
Permitted wheel and tyre combinations on the Mercedes Benz AMG C-Class

Generally, there are different model series of the Mercedes Benz AMG C-Class. These are:

W202 series (1993-2001)
W203 series (2001 – 2007)
W204 series (2008 – 2014)
W205 series (2015-2020)
W206 series (from 2021)

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